Basswood Plantation Shutters

Get the Earthy Look with the Best Basswood Plantation Shutters

Looking to lend your space a look that’s close to nature? In that case, just add an appealing set of our basswood plantation shutters and you’re good to go. At WestCoast Shutters, we supply and install basswood plantation shutters across Perth.

Since they’re made using the finest grain of timber, these shutters won’t crack, warp or even fade that easily. Which is precisely why, these basswood plantation shutters Perth are ideal for outdoor spaces as well.

What’s more? We offer basswood louvres in a simply gorgeous collection of painted colours and conventional timber shades. As we not only supply but also install these shades, we make sure that the installation is done in the shortest time period and without any hassle.

Known as premium window coverings, our basswood plantation shutters lend unbeatable durability and sturdiness to any area. In short, when you install basswood plantation shutters, you end up creating a relaxed, earthy ambience for any space — whether it’s residential or commercial.

These basswood shutters are sourced from leading manufacturers all over the world. The best part is that each of these shutters has a well-defined warranty in case any fault or damage occurs.

There’s one for everyone

The range of basswood shutters, which we offer, comes in different finishes, sizes and styles. What else? These shutters are customisable so as to suit your needs and space decor. All in all, these basswood shutters are built for easy living.

From availability, let’s jump to affordability now. Our entire selection of basswood shutters is priced affordably because we haven’t invested extensively in expensive showrooms or high-commissioned sales staff. That’s why our overhead costs are low and we ensure that you always get the shutters at attractive price points.

So, get our lightweight yet durable basswood shutters today. If, however, you’re having a tough time deciding which shutter will suit your decor well, then get expert advice or an in-person consultation from us.